Current Student

Zoe Barandongo, MSc student (2013-present)
Department of Biology
University of Namibia

Thesis topic: Herbivore dust bathing behavior and the risk for inhalational anthrax

Past Students

Zepee Havarua, MSc (2011)
Department of Animal Science
University of Namibia

Thesis: Seasonal foraging behaviour of the plains zebra and the African elephant in relation to the occurrence of anthrax in Etosha National Park.
Peace Imologhome, MSc (2011)
Department of Animal Science
University of Namibia

Thesis: The relationships among nutrition, soil ingestion and anthrax occurrence in zebra and springbok in Etosha National Park, Namibia.

Mathias Bosseau, M.Sc. at Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France (2007)
MSc internship report: Assessing host-parasite interactions within springbok and zebra populations and how these may relate to key environmental factors in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Students who helped with my research:

Martina Küsters, Zepee Havarua, Mathias Bosseau, Aimee Boursaw, Emily Kalenius, Heniritha Sibanda, Ronald Ho, Salena Thong, Claudine Cloete, Katie Dean, Zoe Barandongo, Freedom Jatamunua, Clemens Naomab, Klaudia Amutenya

Students and technicians from our NIH and USFWS funded projects, Feb 2009

Post-doc and student collaborators enjoying a sundowner at Okaukuejo waterhole, April 2012

Sampling grass with Claudine and Klaudia, April 2013

Zoe collecting soil at an elephant dust bath site, April 2013